9809 16th Ave SW White Center, WA 98106


About Us

Our Inspiration

The inspiration is the classic Chinese-American restaurant that exists in just about every town across the U.S. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to apply the great sourcing we have in the Northwest and to have a small menu where each item delivers a flavorful and distinct punch. We're taking lessons from the Paleo and Gluten-Free world to reduce sugar and gluten where possible and find healthier starches so that we're delivering food that is not only more delicious but also better for you.   

Who We Are

Passionate about food and the service industry in general, CTO is brought to you by six longtime restaurant veterans who had a vision for cravable, healthy, Chinese-American. 

Contact Us

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Come check us out in person!

Sharing a space with Beer Star and Li'l Woody's makes Chinese Takeout even better. Come grab some Szechuan Chicken and head over to Beer Star for a pint to help soothe the spice. Sit out on the patio for some sun or bring your kids to the kid zone for some whole-family fun. 


9809 16th Ave SW, White Center, Washington 98106, United States

(206) 708-7355


Sunday - Thursday: 4pm - 9pm

Friday -Saturday: 4pm - 10pm