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About Us

Our Inspiration

Regardless of where you grew up in the US, no matter what size the town, chances are there was a go-to Chinese-American restaurant. Our inspiration is that local place, with a strong desire to deliver dishes that not only taste amazing but meet your expectations on quality preparation and ingredients.

Our Goal

Our goal is to take advantage of the great sourcing we have in the Northwest for proteins, veggies, and seasonings and to have a small menu where each item delivers a flavorful and distinct punch. We turn to companies like Carlton Farms, Bare Farms, and St. Helens Ranch for our pork, chicken, and steak. 

We're also taking lessons from the Paleo and Gluten-Free world to deliver food that is not only delicious but many have recognized is better for you, independent of dietary restrictions. 

We use gluten-free tamari instead of soy; dry sherry instead of Shaoxing wine, a classic ingredient which contains wheat. We have rice bran oil in our fryers, a more heart-healthy alternative to canola or peanut oil. Our sugar is raw coconut palm sugar, which has a lower glycemic index than other sugars. We don't add MSG, instead finding natural ways to boost umami flavor in the dishes. We're not sacrificing flavor, just finding smarter and healthier ways to prepare these classic dishes. 

Who We Are

Passionate about food and the restaurant industry in general, CTO is brought to you by longtime restaurant friends and co-workers who are excited to be a part of the White Center community.


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Menu / Price List

(V) Veggie and/or can be made vegan. (s) spicy (GF) gluten free

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Sharing a space with Beer Star and Li'l Woody's makes Chinese Takeout even better. Come grab some Szechuan Chicken and head over to Beer Star for a pint to help soothe the spice. Sit out on the patio for some sun or bring your kids to the kid zone for some whole-family fun. 


9809 16th Ave SW, White Center, Washington 98106, United States

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Sunday - Thursday: 4pm - 9pm

Friday -Saturday: 4pm - 10pm